British Medical Journal: Swine Flu "pandemic" was declared by WHO experts on payroll of company that sold vaccine


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In an example of how the corporate oligarchy runs the governmental aperatus of many of the world's countries, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reports how the H1N1 (Swine Flu) was declared a "pandemic."

The BMJ reveals that experts at the World Health Organization who made the determination that the Swine Flu should be declared a pandemic, and who recommended that governments around the world should vaccinate their populations and stockpile the expensive vaccine -- were on the payroll of the very vaccination company which benefitted financially from the determination.

In other words, people who made money off the sale of Swine Flu vaccines, were the same ones who WHO relied on to advise everyone get vaccinated. Shameful.


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And how exactly are we supposed to trust anyone?


I have found that "following the money trail" is the best way to determine whether something is trustworthy. In the case of H1N1, I was immediately suspicious because I know that Big Pharma controls the World Health Organization. It was still amazing to see how many people bought the lies and lined up like sheep for the vaccination.

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