THE NEW GOOD LIFE: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less | 05/25/10

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 John Robbins was heir to the vast Baskin Robbins ice cream fortune and walked away from it in favor of making his own way in the world.  Moving to a small island home with his wife and their son, Robbins lived happily for a decade on less than $500 a year, redefined what wealth and happiness meant to him, and became a leading spokesperson for personal and planetary health.  Many in the media called him the "rebel without a cone" and the "Prophet of Non-profit."  Robbins' books sold millions, and he earned monetary wealth doing what he believed in. 

Then on December 11, 2008, he awoke to the news that most of his hard-earned life savings had been lost to the Madoff scam.

In recent years, millions have watched their American Dreams go up in smoke. The international financial collapse, inflation, massive layoffs, and burgeoning consumer debt have left people in dire financial straits-including John Robbins.  But having already gone through many of the shocks and adjustments that so many people must now navigate-and come out even more grounded-Robbins realizes that there is a potential upside to our collective financial downturn: a world in which our necessarily curtailed consumerism can lead to a healthier planet, and legions of more deeply satisfied people living on it. 
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      The New Good Life provides a philosophical and prescriptive path from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption.   A passionate manifesto on finding meaning beyond money and status, this book delivers a sound blueprint for living well on less.  Discover how to:

  • create your own definition of success based on your deepest beliefs and life experience
  • alleviate depression, lower blood pressure, and stay fit with inexpensive alternatives for high-cost medications
  • develop a diet that promotes better health, and saves you money
  • plan for, and protect yourself from, future economic catastrophes
  • cut down on your housing and transportation costs
  • live frugally without deprivation
  • follow in the footsteps of real people who have effectively forged new financial identities

      The New Good Life provides much-needed hope and comfort in a time of fear and uncertainty.  Here is everything you need to develop high-joy, low-cost solutions to life's challenges.  Practical and inspiring, this book equips you with the skills needed not only to survive but to thrive in these challenging times.



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