TED Talk: You can starve cancer with a healthy vegan diet | 05/20/10

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Many of society's most devastating diseases -- cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's, to name a few -- share a common denominator: faulty angiogenesis, the body's growth of new capillary blood vessels. Given excessive or insufficient blood vessel growth, serious health issues arise. While researching under Harvard surgeon Judah Folkman, who pioneered the study of angiogenesis, Li learned how angiogenesis-based medicine helps patients overcome numerous diseases by restoring the balance of blood-vessel growth.
William Li co-founded the Angiogenesis Foundation in 1994. The foundation's Project ENABLE -- a global system that integrates patients, medical experts and healthcare professionals -- democratizes the spread and implementation of knowledge about angiogenesis-based medicines, diet and lifestyle. Some 40,000 physicians have been educated on new treatments, ranging from cancer care to wound care, by the foundation's faculty of medical experts, and they are bringing new, lifesaving and disease-preventing techniques to people around the world.

"Imagine that one medical advancement held the promise to conquer cancer, perhaps within your lifetime ... the potential to also end more than 70 of life's most threatening conditions, affecting one billion people worldwide. This is the promise of angiogenesis, the first medical revolution of the 21st century."

William Li

William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

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Zowie - this guy's got it upside down.
The moment he mentions looking for something to supplement a diet with .... you know he's gone off of the rails.
Gee - all of the foods which fight cancer are all plant based .... you'd think that would make him suggest a certain diet.
Yes he gets a copper star for realizing that prevention is better than trying to treat cancer; but why would one then conclude that only the diet must be supplemented? That is unless he hasn't quite got it that the rising cancer rates are a RESULT of a changing diet! I think that's it - much like many obese people are resigned to their body shape, and blame it on genes, Mr Li feels that cancer is an inevitable part of life and one just has to take supplements to help the body fight it.

Still - it's neat that he came to the conclusions that he did - seemingly without The China Study (protein as a cancer promoter) or any of the work in the 60's about cancer and diet as referenced in the Diet For a New America and other books and people pointing to the research over the past few decades.


I see your point Eric. On the other hand, Li's 'non-threatening' approach may inspire a shift in mainstream, otherwise totally defensive, entrenched animal-food & refined food eaters. It takes different styles of communication to reach different kinds of people. I've never come across an area where people are more defensive than with what they eat - the resistance to cutting out what they already like to eat is enormous! Li is opening a door and people who formerly refused to listen will start eating more plant foods and looking at the whole field - eventually leading to a whole foods plant based diet. It is also great that this research is coming from a totally different source - yet still it is supporting the work of the scientists and doctors on this site - Li even mentioned Dr Ornish. I found it most interesting and inspiring - as a vegan I learned from it too.

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