VIDEO: How well do you know your vegetarian history? | Jeff Nelson | 05/12/10

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John Davis is Manager of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU).

Recently John and his lovely wife, Hazel, visited us in Los Angeles. John has long been researching the history of IVU along with general vegetarian history. The result is about 10,000 historical files documenting world vegetarian history on the IVU website.

In this far-reaching, 22-minute interview, John and Hazel talk about a variety of topics, and John shares fascinating information about the history of vegetarianism, and some key personalities and moments in history.

Ever wonder how vegetarianism began?

Who were the first vegetarians?

Did you know that during the middle ages, the Pope ordered monks to be vegetarian?

Did you know the first vegetarian "health nut" was born in 1467 and lived to be 100 years old?

When was the first advertisement for non-leather shoes? Did you guess 1851?

Do you know what German vegetarian societies did during the Nazi period, when they were forced to either join the Nazi party or disband?

How well do you know your vegetarian history?

Sit back and learn fact after fact from one of the foremost experts.

You can also hear more from John on his blog here on VegSource.

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