The 10 Craziest Food Abominations Of All Time | Joanne | 04/09/10

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WARNING: This list may make you fatter. Even just thinking about eating these items may be hazardous to your health. This list contains the worst recorded abominations in food that have been made (or forced upon the general public) in recent memory. Bon app�tit!

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This thing needs little to no explanation. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a Taco Bell Cheesy Double-Beef Burrito wrapped in a fully cooked, juicy Jimmy Dean Premium Pork sausage.

What can only be described as a possible suicide attempt was baked by a sausage enthusiast who wraps everything from burritos to caprese salad in sausages. It comes in at a whopping, and daunting, 146g of fat and 1790 calories.

That's a few days' worth of fat that you'll be carrying right to the emergency room. Only large amounts of money could get us to even try this thing.

The Original Bacon Explosion is extremely harmful for your body, but sensationally orgasmic for your physical/emotional/spiritual indulgence... for a bit or two.

The 2 pounds of thick cut bacon, 2 pounds of Italian sausage, 1 jar of barbecue sauce and 1 jar of barbeque rub are like a year-long barbeque stuffed--and we mean stuffed--into a single day.

And yes, we used "jar" as a unit of measurement.

Good Lord, what does 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat even matter at this point? I hear they give these out as last meals on death row instead of lethal injections.

Are words really necessary for this one? The Bacon Mug is everyone's fantasy nightmare, and you can see why.

The creation consists of biscuits (for molding the cup), cheese (both cream cheese and Swiss cheese), and lots and lots of bacon.

This holy/unGodly goblet of heartburn tallies in at 2400 calories and 158 grams of fat at a minimum, so think of it this way: why lose more (bacon slices) if you're losing (dignity and self-respect) in the end anyways?

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