Should You Eat That? Reading Food Labels | 04/05/10

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Scroll down to watch this video excerpt from Jeff Novick's 90-minute presentation on food labeling.

Entitled Should I Eat That? How to Choose the Healthiest Foods, Jeff Novick MS, RD, LD, LN presents an easy clear method for understanding whether a packaged food is good for you or not.

About the DVD Program

How do you decide if your food is healthy or not? Do you prefer organic, low fat, low carb, low sugar, high protein, soy, vegan or vegetarian? All of these?  None of them?

Or are you just attracted to a picture on a box?

Making healthy choices has gotten very confusing, as stores are filled to the brim with foods no one should be eating -- too often even the food brands which claim to be "healthy."

In his informative and fun style, Jeff Novick reveals the truth behind the marketing of "health" foods, and shows a simple system for insuring you make wise choices. Watch Jeff's talk, so you won't be fooled again!



Order Jeff's full 90-minute SHOULD I EAT THAT? talk on DVD right now, click here: the VegSource store.


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