Promoting Veg Food in Non-veg Restaurants

International Vegetarian Union | 04/24/10

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Sune Borkfelt, president of the Danish Vegetarian Society, sent the following question to ivu-life, an email group for leaders of vegetarian organisations:  


"We are currently planning a campaign to get more restaurants, cafés, canteens etc. to offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. Do any of you have experience with campaigns like that, which we might benefit from?"


Here are some responses, starting with one from Dr Ruth E. Heidrich:


The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii publishes a Dining Guide which lists either vegan or veg-friendly restaurants in Hawaii. We've used this as a form to support restaurants in offering vegan options and it has seemed to help as they all want as much publicity as they can get. It's also available on our website,


The San Francisco Vegetarian Society and In Defense of Animals were instrumental in getting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a Veg Day Monday Resolution. The two organisations will list participating restaurants on the organisations' websites with links to the restaurants' websites:


In Singapore, a page on Vegetarian Society (Singapore)'s website listis veg outlets, including restaurants and food stalls:  Currently, we are investigating making this list into an application for mobile phones and other handheld devices. (However, it's not cheap.) Also, we share the list with like-minded organizations.

A hard copy food guide listing restaurants, including some non-veg with veg options in areas with few veg restaurants:

Selling advertisements on our website, in our eNewsletter and in other publications to veg eateries or stores with veg products

Providing discount vouchers to veg restaurants for people who join our society:

Publicizing and hosting cooking classes at veg restaurants

Using our eNewsletter to advise the public about openings, closings and changes of veg eateries

Via the local Vegetarian Meetup group, we help to organize get-togethers at veg restaurants: 

One non-veg restaurant started Meatless Mondays (subsequently Tuesdays as well), in which the restaurant becomes 100% veg on that day. We publicized that.

All the groups mentioned above are members of the International Vegetarian Union:


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