New Pig-Friendly Children's Book


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Looking for a children's picture book that inspires compassion for farm animals? Granny Gomez & Jigsaw (Disney-Hyperion, 2010) tells the story of a mountain-climbing, drum-playing old woman who adopts a baby pig for a very good reason: to prevent him from becoming someone's breakfast. This tale of a blossoming friendship between a pig and his person was written by vegan Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Scott Magoon. It was inspired by Deborah's adopted pig, Babe, who lived at Farm Sanctuary in California for many happy years.

A pig is a perfect pal--until he gets big enough to poke his head through your bass drum. Or bite through your skis. Or get stuck in your cupboard. When Jigsaw the pig outgrows Granny's house, she builds him a barn. But then she has another problem: she misses him like crazy!

This book was inspired by a real-life pig named Babe (see photo below) who taught me that pigs form very close friendships. She lived at Farm Sanctuary for many happy years.

What People Are Saying:

"Colorful, cartoon-style illustrations ratchet up the laughs with comic details (such as Jigsaw and Granny facing off over the last slice of watermelon), but are equally endearing at other times. Jigsaw's floppy ears and lopsided grin are irresistible, as is Granny's spunk, in humorous contrast with her conventional, demure appearance (including a tidy gray bun)--further proof that friends can come in all kinds of packages."
Publishers Weekly

"Descriptive, peppy text and colorful art expressively depict spirited, gray-bunned Granny and her personality-laden porcine pal. With folksy charm and witty details, this amusing story will make for read-aloud fun, providing a warm portrayal of pets as beloved companions, however little or big."


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