The case against our food | 03/17/10

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It's so simple.

Don't eat anything that comes from a factory - and that includes meat.

The food industry is bigger than the oil industry and every bit as corrupt and manipulative. If they had their way, all food would come in a box, filled with low-cost garbage ingredients, and marked up to the moon.

Thanks to their bribery and bullying that already describes the federal school lunch program. They stand ready to legally attack anyone who speaks the truth, even deep pockets celebrities like Oprah Winfrey who declared on her show she would never eat another hamburger and was sued by the cattle ranching industry for defamation.

It's remarkably easy to avoid the personal health catastrophe that factory foods lead to: don't eat them! It's that simple.


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TED Rocks - well with the exception of the techno-worshiping talks. As an engineer I find myself surrounded by those who think that technology will save us. It seems to be that the various MDs featured on this site do not buy into fancier body scans or less invasive surgeries or yet another decade of studies on how one particular thing affects our health.
It's not the vitamins - it's the food. Just eat food. Don't look to technology for salvation. Look to the past to see what comprises a healthy diet and it's plant based.

What I like about Marian Nestle and Michael Pollan is that they're "balanced". I think that they appeal a lot more to the typical person and will help shift their diets and environmental impact. My family was open to the vegetarian / vegan message; but it's very rare that I find anyone else who is - and they're not willing to consider McDougall - it doesn't matter if they've had heart attacks and bypass operations ...

Nobody has commented that all of our food is factory farmed - with the exception of organics - and that's often 90% factory farming. We have varieties of food that are selected to grow fast, and kept in an environment to do just that - lots of nutriets, precise control over water ....
But it's still way healthier than eating meat and all of the bio-concentrated PCBs, metals and "man made" chemicals in it. When the environment is toxic - eat low on the food chain!


Outside of the fact that I believe Michael Pollan is a vegan-waiting-to-happen ;-) -- I LOVED one short statement he made on Oprah the day Alicia Silverstone was also on. He said: "Eat things that will go bad." Brilliant! Well put!!

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