Deadly horse round-ups: Yet another sad consequence of meat industry | Jane Velez-Mitchell | 03/31/10

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The meat industry needs land and water for their cattle herds to meet the ever-growing appetite of the US fast food consumer.

But there's a problem. Tens of thousands of wild mustangs and other horses -- these "living symbols of the West" -- live on government land.

This is the same land the Bureau of Land Management wants to give away to their cronies in the meat industry for cattle grazing.

The solution?

Create a myth that the American wild horse is "starving" and then hatch a plan to "save" them by rounding up the horses through cruel and deadly drives, and locking them in tiny pens where they waste away in captivity.

Now the meat industry can have that taxpayer land to fatten their herds and keep the standard US disease-promoting diet cheap.

For more info on this issue and for what you can do to help, visit The Cloud Foundation.




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