Italian TV Host: Cat Stew is Delicious

CBSNEWS.COM | 02/17/10

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Italian state TV has suspended a cooking show host who shocked the nation by saying cat stew is a Tuscan delicacy he swears he has enjoyed many times.

RAI TV confirmed on Wednesday that it had suspended Beppe Bigazzi, the 77-year-old host of a popular morning program that offers food tips and recipes in a country fiercely proud of its cuisine.

When his 27-year-old female co-host looked stunned as Bigazzi said he has eaten cat stew "many times," the white-haired, grandfather figure defended his tastes.

"Why, people maybe don't eat rabbit, chicken, pigeon?" Bigazzi said. He could have added horse meat, which many butchers and supermarket meat departments stock.

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Why not? Animals all deserve the same consideration. If we are cold and uncaring about cows or pigs, which are in many ways as intelligent as cats - why should the Italian viewers be shocked at eating one animal over another.
Until we can grasp this fundamental fact, we are all carrion-eating vultures.

I'll admit there have been times I've considered violence against my three cats (kidding!), but I'd never eat them. They on the other hand have threatened to eat me many times when I'm late with their dinner!

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