Creative Therapy for Children With Autism, AD/HD and Asperger's


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Read More: Asperger syndrome, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Autism spectrum

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Creative Therapy for Children With Autism, AD/HD and Asperger's - Using Artistic Creativity to Reach, Teach, and Touch Our Children
by Janet Tubbs
$18.95 323 pages SquareOne Publishers 2008

It is no easy task to find a teaching technique that can truly change the course of a child with special needs. Thirty years ago, when Janet Tubbs began working with children who had low self-esteem and behavioral problems, she developed a successful program using art, music, and movement. Believing that unconventional children required unconventional therapies, she then took her program one step further--she applied it to children with Autism, AD/HD, and Asperger's Syndrome. Her innovative methods and strategies not only worked, but actually defied the experts. In this new book, Janet Tubbs has put together a powerful teaching tool to help parents, therapists, and teachers work with their children.

The book is divided into four parts. Part One begins by introducing and explaining Janet's novel approach to teaching. Her goal is to balance the child's body, mind, and spirit through proven techniques. The next three parts provide a wide variety of exercises, activities, and games that are both fun and effective. Each is designed to reduce hyperactivity, increase and prolong focus, decrease anger, develop fine motor skills, or improve social and verbal skills. All are part of a program created to help these children relate to their environment without fear, anxiety, or discomfort.

Just because a child may appear stubborn and difficult, doesn't mean that the child isn't intelligent, curious, or creative. With the right approach, such a child can be reached, taught, and, hopefully, started on the road to improvement. The daily lessons provided in this book may be just what you and your child have been waiting for.

About the Author

Janet Tubbs was the founder of Creative Concepts for Children in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 1977, armed with a personal love of music, dance, and arts and crafts, Janet began working with children who had low self-esteem and behavioral problems. For the next four years she developed a unique approach using music, art, puppetry, and movement.

In 1984, Janet expanded her program to include children with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and AD/HD. In the same year, she established Children's Resource Center, a non-profit organization, for special needs children. For over two decades, Janet has profoundly helped thousands of children, trained hundreds of teachers and parents, and lectured to tens of thousands of educators and parents throughout North America. Janet is the author of six books and numerous published articles. Author contact:


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