Stephen Colbert Talks Meat with Jonathan Safran Foer (VIDEO) | 02/09/10

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On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed author Jonathan Safran Foer, whose new book, Eating Animals, is a startling exposé of the factory-farmed meat industry.




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Funny and informative clip. Perhaps viewers will be inclined to pick up this fantastic book. Colbert is a funny guy. Loved the bacon bookmark. Too bad it could not be a longer segment.


Really, interesting to read your views on Stephen Colbert, the "host". It so impressed me how well Jonathan Safran Foer handled the questions and comments from this jackass of an interviewer. Foer wins my total and respect and admiration. To have done so much research on this topic and then, to conclude the interview, to have this guy use a piece of bacon as a bookmark in the name of humor ... Foer: You're a real MAN! The contrast between these two men is striking. His book is an excellent piece of work -- I've read it from cover to cover, and the dustcover makes a good bookmark.

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