Cleveland Clinic and Obesity Epidemic Solutions | 02/19/10

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Cleveland Clinic's CEO Delos Cosgrove MD says that health care costs can't be controlled unless the obesity epidemic is stopped.

And they're stopping the epidemic at their hospital.



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Thanks. Obesity has assumed problematic proportions even in this third world country where I live.


please take another look. this video is not about health. this is nothing less than infomercial-style propaganda for socialism and police state activities. i know people are not supposed to speak about things like this, but unfortunately they are becoming ubiquitous. incremental socialism/police state is self-evident truth. and i could be mistaken, but did you not post an article or a video recently on another company who you felt was discriminating against obese people? but it's okay to 'discriminate' against smokers? kind of like freedom of speech as long as you agree with the speech. you are holding up as a shining example mainstream medicine here, the third leading cause of death in this
country, because the person in the video is pretty good as what he does-public relations. i can guarantee that if you pursued this a little further you would find this gentleman and his associates are profiting handsomely for this charade elsewhere. and that elsewhere no doubt would include some nefarious associations. we are living in precarious times. things are not always as they seem. please be circumspect and do not flow power to those who should not have that power.



I am totally unaware of any ulterior motives. Yet, as long as somebody is promoting vegetarianism, I am with him/her. I will exercise circumspection as suggested by you. But it is not my concern at the moment.


I'm glad someone is taking a leadership position on this social problem. It's unfortunate that diet, health, and exercise information alone is not affecting food-related behavior for the better. Therefore, a different approach is worth trying and I feel this method is commendable.

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