Vegetarian has a beef with the critics - Dear Abby helps | JEANNE PHILLIPS | 01/15/10

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DEAR ABBY: I am 27 and have been a vegetarian for five years. I am trying to develop a thick skin when it comes to people who question or make fun of my choice, but I'm tired of laughing and letting the comments roll off my back.

When my grandfather sits near me at a family event, he will analyze my plate, look at me in disgust and then tell me, "Carrots have feelings, too."

When I go to a well-known sandwich shop, I order a basic and "boring" sandwich, which I really enjoy. The sandwich makers give me funny looks and ask, "That's all?" or, "You're spending five bucks on THIS?" followed by laughter or a shake of their heads. One even asked me if I was crazy!

I am tired of people questioning what I eat or what kind of sandwich I choose to spend my money on. I don't make comments or question those who eat meat. What is the best response to people who are so rude about my choices? -- Herbivore by Choice in New York

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