VegGuide provides locations of vegetarian friendly restaurants worldwide

Daelyn Fortney | 12/28/09

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Mercy For Animals teamed up with Compassionate Action for Animals to launch, a guide which currently lists over 9000 vegetarian-friendly grocers and restaurants worldwide.

The site's goal is to "provide a tool that helps make it easier to live a more animal-friendly life. Specifically, we want to make it easier for people to find vegetarian and vegan food, products, etc."

Whether you are in Cleveland, Auckland, London, or Tokyo, searching for vegetarian restaurants is easy. guests simply type a location into the search bar and the matching results with a summary, rating, and price-point will be provided on the next page. Listings are classified as vegetarian, vegetarian-friendly, or vegan-friendly.

Visitors are encouraged to post new listings, reviews, and pictures to the community maintained guide. is completely ad-free and the content is reusable and re-distributable when used within the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-share license.

Mercy For Animals is a non-profit animal advocacy organization headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York City, Asheville, and Columbus. The group recently released a shocking hidden camera video exposing a hidden horror that occurs every day at the nation's largest egg producing facility.

Compassionate Action for Animals is a Minneapolis-based animal advocacy non-profit organization focused on raising respect for animals and promoting vegetarianism.  Source


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