The Perils of Dairy (VIDEO)


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Milk, butter, ice cream and cheese are a great source of nutrition -- if you want to pack on weight, feed allergies and autoimmune diseases, and grow fatal tumors.

In this complete, 1 hour and 17 minute talk, John McDougall MD discusses what dairy products have going for them -- and how they compromise your health.

This is Dr. McDougall's full, fascinating presentation from the 2005 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Sit back and watch in detail the research on why dairy products are probably the most unhealthy aspect of the standard Western diet.

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According to the Bible, milk (unpasteurized) is a perfect food. It's a living food that contains all the nutrients, beneficial bacteria, sugars needed to complete the immune system, easily digestible fats. e.g. A calf before beginning its eating of grasses, gets all its nutrition from its mother. Have you ever seen an obese calf? Dr. McDougall looks like he could use some of that nutrition.


dear elgraf,

God made unpasturized cow's milk a perfect food for baby calves, not for humans.

You give the bible and christians a bad name when you say such stupid things. Is that your intent?



WOW!!! you are using a 'fairytale' book to give you advice about optimal nutrition, that's scary & dangerous! Cow's milk is perfectly formulated to give her calfs optimal nutrients but is a dangerous formulation for humans, that's why diseases occur for humans when they drink cow's milk. We would never think of giving calves human milk to thrive.

Now I'm going to transgress... Ph.d, Master of Divinity(M.Div), Biblical scholar, Ehrman has proven in his books that the bible is not the inerrant word of God and most biblical scholars know this to be true, too, but refuse to come clean and are in denial because it would be the beginning and the end of Christianity as we know it! If all Christans would read Ehrman's books, reason would sink in, a cultural shift would happen, and I do think that would be the end of Christianity. People would realize it's one big myth that has been perpetuated by deceit for 2,000 years. If you want a greater understanding how the Bible was pieced together, please watch...Heyns Lecture Series: Misquoting Jesus


with humor: "the end of Christianity as we know it..." The stats are that there are over 34,000 (yes, thousand) branches of Christianity in existence today... just pick up your weekend paper some time and take a glance and you'll find several hundred advertising... and if you look further, they all have founders, human men & women, that tweeked the original version to start these branches & suit their (well-intentioned)agendas... I suppose they didn't like the first dude's ideas enough or thought he didn't get it quite, or maybe it was too constricting, or too open. over 34,000 branches, and even the original one was branching away, with Islam & Judaism, from the Zorastrian religion at the same time. All three had the exact same original foundation.

Craziness... but back to the topic. Jesus didn't suckle a goat or cow or horse or sheep in the stable. AND if I were starving or nothing else were available, I would drink animals milk. But I'm not, I don't and don't need to. Think "by design." So the bible is not a fax from God. It does also point to the fruits and vegetables that are ours to eat & no one argues that. Remember, all new ideas are first met with resistence. If this is where she's at, no amount of defensiveness or harshness will improve the ability to influence; "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." I'm sure there are things that each of us do that could be improved upon... mabye we still drink from plastic bottles or talk on the phone while driving... sometimes logic just does not prevail immediately. Sometimes it just takes time... very long time. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Peace & light


Oh please, not the same old "the bible is book of myths created by people to control others" argument. That is like high schooler argument that has been put to rest time and time again.

Let's stick to relevant on topic comments rath than rants about your religious conspiracy theories.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. McDougall !!!
I loan out your dvd's to friends and relatives to watch. The ones that are open minded enough to listen. This one should be mandatory viewing for EVERYone !! The 117 minutes went by so quickly. Worth every left me wanting to hear more.


If you listened to his lecture, you would have heard Dr. McDougall mention that milk IS the perfect food. Cow's milk is perfect for baby calves, tiger milk for tiger cubs, rat milk for baby rats...etc., and human milk for human babies. Occasionally, an animal from one species will nurse young from a different species. But it's not the norm - and neither is humans drinking cow's milk.

Dr. McDougall looks great. I think many people have become so use to seeing obesity as the new "normal" that we forget what a healthy weight really looks like.


Thank you soooo much for posting this video. Yes, it is a bit long and I skipped through maybe the first 6 minutes but found the rest very intertaining and informative. I have read a ton on milk and the horrible things that go along with it, but watching a video makes it easier for me to take in and share with others. I have passed it on to my best friend who drinks a gallon per week and I am really trying to get her to sit down and watch. For some reason I find that people are very defensive when it comes to milk and Dr touches on that.
Thanks again for the posting!!!



elgraf, the Bible doesn't say that milk is the perfect food. Where on earth did you get that? I wasn't going to post, but I figure others who may read these comments need to know that the Bible says NOWHERE that milk is the perfect food.

The Promised Land is called the land flowing with milk and honey, which is a picture of prosperity, peace, abundance, not a command nor even a recommendation, to eat milk. In fact, at the very beginning, when Adam and Eve were created, God told them they may eat fruit, the vegetables of the field, and grains. Read it. It's in the first book of the Bible: Genesis.


Great talk, thank you. I wonder if we could get more information on bovine "aids" viruses infecting humans -- what might early symptoms look like (prior to a diagnosis of lymphoma or leukemia)? Might one of the symptoms be lowered T cell count or lowered white blood cell count?


The human being is probably the only animal that continues to the consumption of milk after weaning.

As in other animals, the baby is fed with animal milk, usually until their first year of life. After this phase and, unlike what happens with the other animals, it is recommended the continuous consumption of animal milk presenting arguments for their benefit since they will help the growth of the baby to the fact that a better development and physical training.


Malu, I see that you are listed as vegan but your statement doesn't make sense. It sounds like you are pro animal milk for kids.

Sorry...Your conclusion is false!

Both the American Dietetic Association & American Diabetic Association agree that a healthy plant-based diet prevents heart diseases, strokes, certain types of cancers, diabetes and obesity.

The National Academy of Sciences concluded that the only safe intake of trans fat is ‘zero.’ which is found in animal products.


I think it's extraordinary to consider our DNA is being compromised by the dairy /meat industries. That is really frightening, to think the basics of human nature is being distorted by drinking milk. Thank you sir.


informational post



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