Rep. Dennis Kucinich: I Order You to Eat Vegan Brownies (VIDEO)

Daelyn Fortney | 12/18/09

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) recently sat down with to answer 10 questions from website visitors. The 28 minute interview included topics on gun control, health care, voter reform, and special interest groups.

He was also asked what he would do if he were made dictator of the U.S. for one day.

It has to do with what you eat.  Watch:

To read the full story and watch the full interview with Rep. Kucinich, CLICK HERE.


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As a long-time raw vegan, I'm delighted that Dennis Kucinich, who I supported for President, is a committed vegan.

Attention Mr. Kucinich:

I would like to send you a free copy of The Little e-Book of Raw Holiday Recipes so you can see how wonderful RAW vegan can be. Scientific studies have shown that heating food at high temperatures causes aging and chronic disease. Why eat cooked food when raw food is so delicious? You're a man who travels and you can avail yourself of some wonderful food, like at LifeFood Gourmet in Miami, FL. I hope you will look into it!

Your fan,
Judy Pokras
Boynton Beach, FL


Yay, Dennis! Yes, I will eat vegan brownies!!!


I know, I know, raw is better for me, but, dang it, I have never ever had a raw brownie taste anything nearly as good as a cooked one and I have eaten at some of the best raw places there are. I can give up meat, dairy, eggs, fish, chicken, and every other animal ingredient, and I do eat a lot of raw foods, but I just cannot give up the indulgence of a nice cooked meal.

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