Living Vegan For Dummies (Book)


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Editor's note: You may remember Alex Jamieson from SUPERSIZE ME! She is married to Morgan Spurlock, the film's star and producer. She has also been featured at the VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo.  Here's an announcment of her new book!

From Alex Jamieson:

Hello friends! Wiley Publishing just published my new book entitled, Living Vegan for Dummies. I'm very excited to let everyone know about it, along with reminding you about my first book, The Great American Detox, which was published by Rodale in 2005.

Living Vegan for Dummies shows readers how to improve their health by moving to a plant based diet. This handy guide details how to buy the best ingredients while saving money, how to cook delicious and healthy vegan meals, how to stay healthy on the road and even how to live a vegan pregnancy and raise a vegan kid! This book is for the beginning vegan, parents with vegan-curious children and intermediate level veg-heads.

I spent many months writing this new book and hope that you appreciate the work and effort that I put into it! Copies of my new book are now available at bookstores and online retailers. I hope that you will find both books useful to having the know-how and advice you need right at your fingertips!

Once again, thank you for your interest and continued excitement about healthy living and my books!

Best regards,
Alexandra Jamieson

To purchase a copy of Alex's new book from, click here.


If you would like to see Alex speaking at our Expo (about sugar addiction), watch this video. Alex starts at around 11 minutes and 40 seconds:



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I'm already vegan, but I bet I could use the advice. If I end up not needing it, I'd love to donate one of these to my local library!


Hands down the finest book to give family and friends you care about.

Alex worked with me to resolve a number of health issues a few years ago. Her information is gold.

Totally enjoyed this book and the recipes. Hope Alex continues to share her knowledge.

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