Excess Pounds Triple Risk of Periodontal Disease


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Read More: health, obesity, periodontal disease

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Most folks already know that obesity vastly increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Now, new research provides yet more incentive to slim down: Excess weight can undermine your oral health.

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology compared Body Mass Index (BMI) with incidence of cavities and tooth loss among 340 patients at a Jordan medical center. Over half of the obese patients suffered from periodontal disease compared to only 14% of the normal-weight population.

Put in starker terms: the obese had four times the number of teeth missing as compared to their slimmer peers.Even among the merely overweight, almost a third were afflicted. The findings may also explain higher rates of halitosis among the obese, as documented by Israeli researchers.

Various factors could be responsible for this dramatic contrast, including a higher intake of sugary fare, increased overall inflammation and higher rates of depression, leading to neglected dental care.

The results further underscore the fact that no aspect of your health is immune to threats posed by obesity, resulting in increased risk of dementia, osteoarthritis, earaches, migraines and even psoriasis.

Bottom line, give yourself more of a reason to smile by forgoing junk food in favor of filling, nutritious fruit and vegetables.

Bonus: Did you know that eating raisins could help fight cavities? Raisins contain phytochemicals that prevent bacteria from latching onto your teeth.


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