Chrissie Hynde's PETA McCruelty Billboard Rejected

Daelyn Fortney | 12/21/09

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Singer Chrissie Hynde, owner of Akron's vegan restaurant The VegiTerranean, joined PETA's McCruelty campaign and hoped to have her new "I'm hatin' it" billboard erected in Cleveland. Unfortunately none of the outdoor media companies that were approached by PETA would allow the ad.

Together, Hynde and PETA planned to share the uncomfortable truth about McDonald's chicken nuggets. "The chickens who are killed by McDonald's suppliers are dumped onto conveyer belts, shackled upside down, and then run through an electrically charged 'stun bath' before their throats are cut and they are immersed in defeathering tanks full of scalding-hot water--often while they are still conscious and able to feel pain." 

The advertisement shows a picture of the rock star and reads, "Birds are scalded to death for McNuggets. I'm hatin' it." The same billboard was displayed in Salt Lake City.

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