Bottles, Cans and BPA...BEWARE! (VIDEO) | 12/21/09

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Read More: Bisphenol A, bottles, BPA, Cancer, cans, Effects on Humans, endocrine disruptors, Food Containers, Government regulations, Prostate cancer

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Here's a simple principle for good eating: "If it comes in a box, bag, bottle, or can it's automatically suspect. The only safe place in the supermarket is the produce department."

The subject of BPA - a plastic used in virtually all cans and bottles - comes up from time to time and then is quieted down.

Here's what you need to know about it and why it's so hard to get the straight story.

A textbook case of food industry manipulation of science and regulation.

BPA is a plastic that's used extensively in food packaging.

For one thing, it lines the inside of every can sold in America. It's an endocrine disrupter implicated in breast and prostate cancer and is particularly dangerous for small children and developing fetuses.

This video is the story of how information about the dangers of BPA has been continually suppressed by its manufacturers (including General Electric) with the help of corrupt scientists, politicians and government officials.



Want to watch the full 40-minute report on this startling subject?  Check out the original story done by Milwaulkee Sentinel reporters at:

And to read the series from the Sentinel, go here:



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