ADA's vegetarian "expert" says: Eat meat on holidays to fit in!

NPR.ORG | 12/01/09

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Editor's Note: Yet another example why the American Dietetic Association (ADA) has no credibility. The only question remains is this: Where should "vegetarian exepert" Dawn Jackson Blatner stuff her turkey? Remember that when you are taking nutritional advice from the ADA, you are taking advice from Kraft Foods, McDonald's, Mars Candies, ConAgra, and the National Dairy Council (ADA Sponsors).


Ms. BLATNER: Yeah, you know, I think the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect example of why being a flexible vegetarian really comes into play. Because, you know, most of the time, having vegetarian meals is delicious, but when it comes to sitting down for a Thanksgiving dinner, it might be the perfect time, even if you're mostly vegetarian, to enjoy the turkey with everybody.

You know, I think eating is not only for nutrition but also for social reasons and fitting in and having fun with family and loved ones. So I think when it comes to thinking about the turkey for Thanksgiving, thinking of it as a condiment rather than, like, the main course is probably a great idea.

LUDDEN: A little leg on the side there.

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