Zeitgeist Movie on Religion


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Demolishing the myths that are destroying our world?

People who are big fans of organized religion, especially US-style Christianity, may be offended by this excerpt. This is one section of the nearly two hour long "Zeigeist" film. Each section deals with a separate issue in American life, and all are provocative and thought-provoking, to say the least.

You can visit the movie's website at

PART 1 of 3

PART 2 of 3

PART 3 of 3


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This movie has nothing to do with vegetarianism. Why is is even posted here? (BTW, There actually IS a Christian Vegetarian Association.)


I posted it because it's interesting. We post ballet dances, interesting music, videos about cute animals... We're not just eating creatures, but thinking, feeling and moving creatures. As for CVA -- I hosted their website for many years and like and respect Stephen Kaufman a lot, who runs the site.


This was an excellent though provoking movie. After viewing, I couldn't resist emailing the link to several of my close friends.


Thank you for posting this interesting and informative video. I agree with it fully and believe that we are moving toward a new time where people will learn to think for themselves more fully with out the need for region to guide them.

I enjoy your various videos and agree that you should be able to post things that YOU as the creators of this website find interesting. People can chose whether or not they want to view them and if they agree with them.

Thank you


...and hopefully being EDUCATED about our nutrition isn't where we stop. A few college classes would do the brain good. This movie is FULL of inferences, unsupported facts, and lack of information. Its created in a matter-of-fact format and if YOU are going to believe what you see at face value then I have a car that bluebooks for $200 I'd like to sell you for $4,000.

The major FLAW with this movie, which is 1/3 about religion, 1/3 about the giant government conspiracy to be run by the countries elite, and 1/3 about random conspiracy, is that it provides NO SUPPORT for any of its claims. At all. There is no link to who made the movie, there are no references or citations to back up any of its claims.

This movie would have 100 times more validity if it would only provide evidence to support its claims, yet it does not... It provides only itself.

Its like saying "Santa clause is real. And if you need proof, just ask me."

The real conspiracy is that they want to you believe everything they present and provide no evidence for it. Hopefully the viewers aren't that ignorant.


Right on veggie gal. Everything about this film reals like a tabloid. To pull off a conspiracy like 9-11 would require liter ally hundreds if no thousands of participants. Nixon couldn't even pull off wategate, what makes anyone think Bush (who most regard as an idiot) could pull off something this huge? It just stupid to believe.

And if you don't buy that why would you think any of the bits about Freemasons and Judaism and Chsristianity is correct?
The whole argument oresented here is that since there were previous stories that were kinda like the coming, death, and resurrection of Jesus that predate Jesus that in fact Christianity must be false. How does that follow?
To give an example, in 1898 there was a fictional book called Futility written by Morgan Robertson. It told the tale of the largest ship ever made hitting an iceberg in the titanic on a cold April night. The ship was described as unsinkable and the name of the ship in the book was "Titan".
On April 15th at 2:20 am in 1912 a massive unsinkable ship, the largest ever built struck and icebg and sank. However, by the logic of the Zeitgeist creators we should summarily dismiss this story because there was a novel that described the same thing, kinda, and so this can't be true.
Yeah right.


It's unfortunate such a video has been put up on this website but everybody makes mistakes and everybody is searching and I've been through this before. Open minds are wonderful, but there is a thoroughness and diligence to study and research before you accept any ideas. This video is designed to drive home conclusions based on an appeal to the emotion and pre-fabricated and twisted facts. it's a really bad example of agiprop and how effective it can be. and I don't know about part two and part three, I definitely know that this part one on religion oscillates between irrelevance (yeah so?) and made up nonsense. I don't care what people believe but I hope they do enough thinking for themselves, based on actual research and scholarship. Also I myself wonder what this has to do with nutrition. Check out some of the criticisms on the wikipedia page if you are interested :)

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