Vegetarians to give food to volunteers for Habitat

ONLINEATHENS.COM | Julie Phillips | 11/20/09

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In some circles, vegetarians get a bad rap. If it's not an association with PETA (known for news-getting, if abrasive, tactics to spread the word about carnivorism), a vegetarian at Thanksgiving dinner can be cause for tension among the meat-eaters at the table.

Members of a Athens Vegetarians, though, are hoping to put a positive association with their veggie-eating cause. Starting Saturday, the group is cooking up vegetarian vittles for volunteers in the Athens community.

"We wanted to do something for people who make the community a better place," says Angell Darvalics a member of Athens Vegetarians, which she estimates to be about 150 people strong. "We'd like to do one a month, just picking out various organizations in the community."

Vegetarian group members will start showing up about 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Athens Area Habitat for Humanity to dish out chili, lentil soup, breads and a slew of vegan desserts.

Darvalics says recipes will be included - as they'll likely be requested, considering the meals are delicious and put to rest any ideas about vegetarian and vegan (dairy free) food tasting like cardboard.

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