Vegan NFL player opens new restaurant

BARRY JACKSON | 11/24/09

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He's a Heisman Trophy winner, a former NFL rushing champion, a world-traveler, part-time college student and occasional massage therapist.

And now you can add ``restaurant owner'' to Ricky Williams' résumé.

The Dolphins running back is among the owners of PROOF, which opens Tuesday in the Z Ocean Hotel on Miami Beach's Ocean Drive.

``We had our differences about the menu,'' Williams said Tuesday. ``But we came to a nice agreement.''

The menu, featuring 65 food options and 22 cocktails, includes a Ricky's Picks section with four dishes -- margarita pizza ($14), black bean burger ($12), rice noodles and tofu ($18) and mushroom and assorted vegetables risotto ($18). There also is seafood, steaks, hamburgers and sushi, among other dishes.

Williams said when he goes out to dine, ``I have to order sides because I'm a vegetarian. Now I can order entrees.''

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano joked Wednesday that ``I've got to make sure that there's Ricky food'' at team functions. Williams good-naturedly said, ``There's not really Ricky food. He just means I just get a salad or something.''

Former Cincinnati Bengals running back Rudi Johnson, another of PROOF's owners said, ``I'm a meat-and-potato guy. He's a vegan guy. We have both things covered.''

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Is Ricky Williams vegan (headline) or vegetarian (article)?


He's referred to as a vegan in the article.


Unfortunately nowadays, the terms "vegan" and "vegetarian" have become interchangable.


Always great to see vegetarian/vegan main entree options on a menu. Too bad the resturant is not entirely veg though. But as plus, perhaps omnivorous diners will be inclined to try a vegetarian option from time to time if they see them on the menu.


I am so happy we have a vegan NFL Player! So unhappy he did not go alone on this restaurant as with meat and dairy included, there will be way too many people making unhealthy, cruel food decisions, even there! We need to stop eat animals and animal products if we hope to stop the heart disease, the cancers, the obesity, the diabetes, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc.! Linda, plant based and healthy for 20 years!


Yeah, Linda! Check out this article on Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs ... he has adopted a near-vegetarian diet as well.


I became a vegetarian earlier this year. My decision was based on animal morality, health and environmental issues. I'm very passionate about my decision. This past Thursday, I experienced a vegan Thanksgiving at my daughter's house in San Diego. It was the BEST Thanksgiving of my entire life! Her buffet was awesome! Occasionally, non-vegetarian/non-vegan people comment that we have very little to eat! I urge them to so some research; they will learn that we have plenty of nutritious, wholesome and delicious foods to choose from.


great that you found the tasty food of vegan life! Vegetarian is, I am sorry, it is just not ok with me if the NFL player still eats eggs and dairy, he is contributing to the most horrific animal cruelty in the world. He would be better off eating meat than dairy as dairy contains 87% casein which is the most significant cancer chemical discovered.
Be well, Linda


I agree with "Vegwitch", that people don't know the difference between vegans & vegetarians. But giving up meat & meat products is a very positive step.


It IS positive to give up just the meat. Just hope he can realize soon
the plight of dairy cows and egg is nothing short of
extreme cruelty and the dairy is by far the number one cause of cancer! When he has time, he needs to read: The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell!


I really don't think he is a vegan otherwise he wouldn't refer to himself as a vegetarian. I hope I am wrong though. :-)

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