U.S. School System Discourages Divergent, Creative Thinkers

NEWSBLAZE.COM | Dr. Yvonne Fournier | 11/12/09

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Dear Dr. Fournier:

My husband and I lived in a city where the public school system was terrible so I have homeschooled my children since day one. But he was recently transferred with his job and now we live in another state.

Here's my problem. I can still homeschool in this state but my son, who is at fifth-grade level must take achievement tests. Our daughter is only a first-grader so she's not required to take achievement tests yet.

I know my children are smart. They have learned what they need and more. In fact, my son is currently building a replica of a human body, but he has never had an achievement test before. What should I do?

Michelle M.
Nashville, TN

Dear Michelle:

Tennessee's achievement tests, part of the TCAP assessments, are like any other achievement tests in that they are measures from the past, yet they are still considered the key indicators of educational success.

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