Shark Attack Left Him Paralyzed; Veg Food Helped Him Walk Again | Joel Fuhrman MD | 11/12/09

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A great white shark almost cost Bruce Lurie his life. Now, three years later, a recuperating Bruce continues to pay tribute to Dr. Fuhrman for the nutritional guidance that put him on the path to recovery.

It all started as a fun-filled hot July day when Bruce and his 13-year old son were boogie boarding off a beach in Malibu, California. Suddenly, and tragically, a large shark chasing a sea lion for his dinner hit Bruce with such force it rendered the 60 year old man a quadriplegic near death. 

"I suffered a massive and catastrophic spinal cord injury," says Bruce. "I nearly drowned and was only saved because my son pulled me from the water and other people on the beach helped to resuscitate me.  I was paralyzed below the neck. I was suffering from numerous infections. I had major surgery to repair my broken neck. I was on IVs and a respirator. I could not swallow or speak.

bruce photo2.JPG

Dr. Fuhrman (left) with Bruce Lurie
at VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo

Suffering catastrophic injuries, Bruce was in intensive care for 30 days and then spent over 3 months in Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado for intensive rehabilitation.

Bruce's family was devastated.

Fortunately, they knew of Joel Fuhrman MD. "While at Craig Hospital, my family contacted Dr. Fuhrman and told him I was being fed canned "nutrients" through a tube that went directly into my stomach. They asked Dr. Fuhrman to help devise a way that I could eat real food. Dr. Fuhrman worked closely with the hospital dietitian. The hospital was very cooperative, and in fact was eager to see what effect eating real food would have on my recovery. Dr. Fuhrman prescribed a diet of numerous fruits and vegetables and seeds and berries."

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