Rihanna looks nasty in fur


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And anyone who wears fur looks bad too!


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I saw these pics and Yahoo and had to leave a comment there too. I think it was "she looks ridiculous with that dead animal on her head". Nasty is a good word to use too!


Rihanna, a victim of domestic abuse, should realize that IT'S WRONG to abuse and/or kill those who are weaker than us, or in our power... be they animals OR children.

In her 1991 book, The Sexual Politics of Meat, Carol J. Adams notes that throughout human history, beginning with the hunter-gatherer tribes, meat has been associated with male violence and masculinity, people with power, the aristocracy, etc.

Meat is associated with male virility, whereas vegetable and nonmeat foods are viewed as women’s food. "Meat is a symbol of patriarchy" writes Adams bluntly. She cites a fictional illustration from Mary McCarthy’s Birds of America. Miss Scott, a vegetarian, is invited to a NATO general’s house for Thanksgiving. Her refusal of turkey angers the general.

According to Adams, "Male belligerence in this area is not limited to fictional military men. Men who batter women have often used the absence of meat as a pretext for violence against women."

Adams compares "The Rape of Animals" to "the Butchering of Women," as well as "Sexual Violence and Meat Eating." She quotes the organizer of a "Bunny Bop" in which rabbits are killed by clubs, feet, stones, etc. as saying, "What would all these rabbit hunters be doing if they weren’t letting off all this steam? I’ll tell you what they'd be doing. They’d be drinking and carousing and beating their wives."


I thought the same thing about Rihanna - that she of all people, a victim of abuse herself, might think twice about wearing another type of victim on her head. But she's a young girl, caught up in a twisted celebrity culture, and maybe needs some more years on her to figure things out. I feel sorry for her.

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