Olive Oil Is NOT Health Food! (VIDEO)


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Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet Busting the Myths

This was a promo for the 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, which took place in October, 2009, at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel.

Here is an excerpt from one of the speakers -- turning popular notions about
the Mediterranean Diet on their head:


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Hi Jeff - Radha here from New Zealand. My husband and I have been thriving on 'no added oil' Wholefoods Plant-Strong nutrition for some months now - thanks to learning so much from Doctors Campbell, Esselstyn and What is the current 'best' book on oils? My doctor loaned us an authoritative book by Udo Erasmus, containing detailed, scientifically-presented information. It seems like a good reference book, though we think the 'no added oil' is a better nutrition approach that Erasmus advocates (his work is more dated I think). We're wondering if there is a more informative 'handbook' on oil out yet, as we would like to purchase one. What would you and your team recommend?

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