Murdering Dolphins to Prove Your Manhood (Warning: Graphic & Maddening)


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Unfortunately, what is shown in the photos below happens every year in the  event known as "Dantesque" or "bloody slaughter" in the Faroe Islands, which are a semi-independent protectorate of Denmark.

This bloody slaughter is an old Danish ceremony known as 'Moz' meaning to 'show' -- for young men entering into adulthood. The young take over and slaughter whales (or in this case pilot dolphins) in order to bring food to the community and prove their manhood.

Some members of the Faroe Islands have argued that while the killing of these intelligent creatures may be cruel and barbaric, these animals have lived lives freely out at sea, whereas the cattle, chickens and pigs the rest of the modern world consumes live unbearable lives in cramped, horrific, disease-inducing, filthy factory death camps.

They do have a point.

And anyone who is outraged by these images and condemns this slaughter, but who isn't vegetarian, we have a word for you: uninformed.

Isn't the best solution to do away with both practices -- barbaric factory farming and brutal whale slaughter?

Personally, you can always decide not to participate in either.

As for the whale slaughter, it would seem there needs to be some sort of economic incentive for these people to stop their long tradition of bloody slaughter of these intelligent animals.





























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This is so barbaric it leaves me speechless. What is wrong with people!!


This story and accompanying pictures just makes my stomach hurt...It's disgusting. And I agree, stop this practice as well as the practice of "factory farming".


Is there a petition to end this horrible practice?


So, I did find a petition. I’m unsure to whom it will be sent, but I signed it and added the following comment:

Can there not be a more humane rite of passage for these boys? One would think that when a boy is considered to be a man through a violent act, that violence is an acceptable aspect of manhood. Is this the message the Faroe Islands wants to send to the world? That the men of Faroe Islands are inhumane? Violent? There is no time like the present to give these boys a chance to demonstrate manhood through acts of compassion.

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