Jonathan Safran Foer on Thanksgiving (VIDEO)


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After talking with Ellen about his book, "Eating Animals," Jonathan Safran Foer answered questions from Ellen's audience. Watch as he explains why some foods are worse than others -- and what you're eating when you eat a Thanksgiving turkey.






"For a hot young writer to train his sights on a subject as unpalatable as meat production and consumption takes raw nerve. What makes Eating Animals so unusual is vegetarian Foer's empathy for human meat eaters, his willingness to let both factory farmers and food reform activists speak for themselves, and his talent for using humor to sweeten a sour argument." (O, The Oprah Magazine)

"The everyday horrors of factory farming are evoked so vividly, and the case against the people who run the system presented so convincingly, that anyone who, after reading Foer's book, continues to consume the industry's products must be without a heart, or impervious to reason, or both."
(J.M. Coetzee)

"Stirring....compelling, earnest...Foer brings an invigorating moral clarity to the topic." (Entertainment Weekly)

"Eating Animals carefully, deliberately, takes you through every relevant dimension of factory farming...One sees it from the inside, the outside, the moral high ground, the dithering consumer level, through Foer's family stories, from slaughterhouse workers, animal behaviorists, even from defenders of the system... Foer's aim is not to make your choice, but to inform it. He has done us all a great service, and we, and the animals, owe him our thanks." (The Huffington Post Dr. Andrew Weil )

"Foer's case for ethical vegetarianism is wholly compelling...A blend of solid-and discomforting-reportage with fierce advocacy that will make committed carnivores squeal." (Kirkus Reviews )


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Thanks for having this video available.
Glad Ellen has been getting the truth out.
Rachel Ray needs to do the same.
Founder, God's Creatures Ministry


Actually, going vegan, far from ruining your Thanksgiving, should help bring you back to the authentic meaning of the holiday: gratitude. Since I won't eat a dead turkey that has had a miserable life, I can have a more honest, authentic, and joyful Thanksgiving.
And I'm grateful that I saw through the lies of the meat and dairy industries, and that people like Foer are exposing those lies!


Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday - I love the idea of gratitude, but hate the attitude of gluttony. Perhaps Thanksgiving should be rethought out - we could give, rather than receive, all that food.


Each time you bite a piece of meat, you are aware deep within your mind (almost unconsciously) in what cruel manner the animal was killed. But you willfully suppress that knowledge so that it want come to your conscious knowledge.

Practise this over a period of time and you become hard hearted, insensitive to cruelty towards others. The ultimate result is that man becomes a cruel animal himself, as is well demonstrated all over the world today.


On Monday October 4th, the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) aired an interview between Jonathan Safran-Foer and chef Anthony Bourdain on the topic of “Should we eat meat?”

It was heard across Canada and parts of the United States, and can be heard anywhere now by going to the following website and clicking on the October 4th chapter.

The interview is the second item and starts at about 22:00 minutes. You can move the slider and skip over the first item on the agenda, if you want. The topic is focused on the ethical issue.


I just finished the book "eating Animals" and it was fantastic. Of course I was already veg anyway but I'm glad Mr. Safran Foer and others like him are getting the truth out - people need to know!


More celebs should follow this lead. Let's get the word out!

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