Jeff Masson talks about his new book! (VIDEO)


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On Monday, March 30, 2009, bestselling vegan author JEFFREY MASSON talked about his new book, THE FACE ON YOUR PLATE: The Truth About Food.

In this fascinating, wide ranging and entertaining talk, Jeff reads excerpts from his new book and reveals personal thoughts about some of the leading people in the food and animal rights movement.

Here's just one of many amazing quotes from Jeff's book:

"At the moment our human world is based on the suffering and destruction of millions of non-humans. To perceive this and to do something to change it in personal and public ways is to undergo a change of perception akin to a religious conversion. Nothing can ever be seen in quite the same way again because once you have admitted the terror and pain of other species you will, unless you resist conversion, be always aware of the endless permutations of suffering that support our society."
    -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
    Novelist, author of the Sherlock Holmes series of books

Think you already know everything there is to know on this issue?  After reading Jeff's book, you'll realize that you didn't.  We share 85% of our DNA with fish, for example, and Jeff spotlights many very recent studies, such as those revealing that fish, like people, have long memories, and are actually quite intelligent creatures.  Jeff makes us consider: do fish deserve less respect, should their death should be less troubling?

Jeff also calls on his long experience as a Freudian analyst to examine the concept of denial as it relates to our habit of eating factory farmed animals (which Jeff shows constitute 99% of the animals people eat today in the U.S.). How do people feel about their role in supporting the industrialized cruelty our way of life is based on?

There is so much here which is new and found nowhere else in any other book, and so much which is useful in talking about diet -- this book is a must for the library of anyone who is a vegetarian, a vegan, anyone who is considering becoming either, and for anyone who wants to become fully conscious about their food choices. Jeff covers new ground on nearly every page

Watch Jeff's one-hour talk:

Note: This talk is now available to purchase on DVD, only $7.50: Click here for info

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Somewhere in between Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore's Dilemma, between eating at McDonald's and killing a pig for dinner, there is a need for a book that will probe more deeply and provide greater understanding and insight into the psychological factors that influence decisions about what we eat and why -- and how these choices affect our lives, animals' lives, and the environment.

In this revelatory work, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson does just that, showing how food affects our moral selves, our health, and our planet. The Face on Your Plate raises questions to make us conscious of the decisions behind every bite we take: What effect does eating animals have on our land, waters, and even on global warming? What are the results of farming practices -- debeaking chickens and separating calves from their mothers -- on animals and humans?

And uniquely as a psychoanalyst, Masson investigates how denial keeps us from recognizing the animal at the end of our fork -- think pig, not bacon -- and how each culture distinguishes which animals are food and which are forbidden. The Face on Your Plate brings together Masson's intellectual, psychological, and emotional expertise over the last twenty years into the pivotal book of the food revolution.

Anyone who wants to be open-eyed about their food choices -- vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters -- will welcome this timely work.




What people are saying about Jeffrey Massons THE FACE ON YOUR PLATE:

John Robbins: "Filled with deep insight and profound compassion, The Face on Your Plate is one of the most interesting books I've read in years. Jeffrey Masson is as wise as he is brilliant. This is a book that will change the way you live, for the better."

Ingrid Newkirk: "As ever, Jeffrey Masson enthralls us with the truth. This is touching, compelling, honest stuff."

J.M. Coetzee: "A guide to eating healthily and ethically, approachable in its style and full of useful, up-to-date information."

T. Colin Campbell: "Jeffrey Masson makes a convincing case that our choice of food is having a devastating effect on our environment, in more ways than most people know. Read this book and your views on food will forever change."

Gene Baur: "I am a vegan, but if I weren't, this reader-friendly book would convince me that it's the only way to go for myself, the animals, and the well-being of our entire planet."

Neal Barnard: "The Face on Your Plate is an exhilarating work. With intelligence and insight, it shows what is wrong with the way we view animals, and very clearly how to make it right. The simples choices we make -- about the food we eat and that we feed to our families -- have dramatic effects on animals, and also on our health and on the world in which we live."

Samuel Fromartz, author of Organic Inc.: Natural Foods and How They Grew: "In the Face on Your Plate, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson gives a powerful voice to the voiceless in our food chain -- the animals. His passionate, ethical arguments for a meatless diet would convince anyone even considering this step, and at the very least, give pause to the conscious omnivore."

Kathryn Shevelow, author of For the Love of Animals: The Rise of the Animal Protection Movement. "Writing with the insight and compassion we have come to expect from him, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson confronts what many of us would prefer to forget: the the meat on our plates was once a sentient fellow creature, and that the process by which our factory farms transform a pig into pork or a cow into beef inflicts suffering on an epic scale. Eloquently exposing the moral contradictions inherent in the way we eat, The Face on Your Plate is both a passionate and a reasoned protest against the most horrific and widespread form of animal abuse in our time."

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