Homeschoolers discriminated against as they seek H1N1 vaccines | 11/03/09

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Editor's comment:  The rights issue aside, this could be a GOOD thing for homeschooled children!  The H1N1 vaccine is problematic for a number of possible reasons, and the Swine Flu is not nearly the danger that the hype would have you believe...

A mother of two seeking H1N1 vaccinations for her children at a public health department was turned away in Virginia. Why? She was told it was because her children are homeschooled!

After learning of the situation the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) contacted Virginia authorities about the situation and was finally able to get vaccines for the children, one of which is considered high risk because of a respiratory issue.

Has this been an isolated incident? No. Another Virginia woman asked her local school district if her children could receive the vaccines with the other children. District officials promptly refused her stating that the vaccines were for public school students only

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