"Harry Potter" Author Speaks (VIDEO)


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JK Rowling Commencement Speech 2008

In June of 2008, "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling gave this commencement speech to the graduates at Harvard University.

It's about 20 minutes long, total, and quite touching and interesting.

Although I've never read the "Harry Potter" books, after watching this speech, I now understand why Rupert Murdoch, Bill O'Reilly, the Bush Administration and the rest of the scum of the earth hate this woman.

Watch all the way to the end, and be surprised by the person behind this bestselling series of books.

You won't regret it..

This is 3 separate video, which should play as one long video.


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She is so inspiring. I am so touched by her compassion, love and warmth. I am looking forward in working for and joining Amnesty International. I am not a fan of Harry Potter books and have only watched the first three Harry Potter movies. Now, I am a fan.


What a wonderful speech! She may have an imagination but she also has a gift for life!
Just wonderful.

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