Going Veg Just 2 Days a Week Will Stop Global Warming | 11/11/09

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People should go vegetarian for at least two days a week in order to save the planet, according to a new report.

Sir Paul McCartney, Lord Stern and the UN have suggested people may to stop eating meat completely in order to prevent catastrophic climate change.

However, the new report says that if poeple cut meat from their diet for just two days a week - adopting "flexitarianism" - that will be enough to stop global warming.

Meat eating is a problem because cows produce the greenhouse gas methane in large quantities, while it requires a lot more energy and water to produce chickens or other animals rather than vegetables.

The latest research by Friends of the Earth and Compassion in World Farming looked at different diets, farming methods and land use to find out how much carbon dioxide is produced under different models.

Read the whole story here.


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Nice post. Global warming is certainly a global issue that needs a global solution. The Global warming occurs due to rise in the temperature around the earths atmosphere. We can do some efforts to stop globla warming. Like use solar system appliances. Plant trees as much as posible. Use electricity very carefully, switch off the lights when not in the home. thes will save energe which is require for preparation of food.

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