Embarking On A Vegan Diet to Save My Husband's Life | Jennie Castor | 11/10/09

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My husband Dave and I started this experiment on Sept. 17 after much thought. Our first step was to visit our family doctor for a full physical including detailed blood work. This way we hope to have an accurate base level to which we can compare our post-experiment results to.

During our doctor visit, we learned that Dave has dangerously high triglycerides and blood pressure. We now have added incentive to make this experiment work. Our hope is to prevent him from taking prescription drugs for things he may be able to cure with a change in his diet.Here's what we've learned each week. There are some highlights and some realistic pitfalls.

Our hope is to inspire more people to examine their diets and consider some simple changes to live healthier lives.

Don't forget. Dave has been a ravenous carnivore for 38 years. And, while I've not eaten meat for many years, I've been addicted to dairy products, especially cheese!

  • Week 1:Dave and I started the vegan challenge with high energy. We were excited to try new recipes and food items. Despite promises of more energy, I was a bit tired this week. Maybe my body was working extra hard to rid itself of a build up of bad foods?I'll admit, it was quite challenging to attend a fundraiser event that involved food and beer. There were not many items for us to eat and we had to limit the beer tasting because of it.One highlight was meeting a culinary student who recommended the most fabulous vegan cookbook. Try it. "Vegan with a Vengeance" by Isa Moskowitz.
  • Week 2:Dave had an extra challenge this week. He was out of the country and had to occasionally eat the available foods. That means he ate some cheese and a few mussels.


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Congratulations on making such a positive, constructive step in your lives! I'm so happy to hear that it is working well for you in so many ways because it is a very worthy lifestyle

I totally identify with craving dairy products! I craved them for years. As you may already know, the process of disgesting the protein casein in dairy products produces caso-morphin, which has narcotic properties. So, our cravings are well justified!

However, given time and avoidance of dairy products, the cravings do fade... and for the better. Most people seem to be over the worst in a few months. It took me years but I stuck with it because I believed it was better for me. I'm glad I did.

I hope you write another report on how you are doing with this in due course, maybe in 6 months or a year? It would be great to hear of you again.


Bravo!!! I promise you the positive results will only continue & multiply. You both are already shining examples! That's excellent!!! :-)

25 yr vegan in Los Angeles

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