Alicia Silverstone pens vegan cookbook - "The Kind Diet"

WSJ.COM | 11/17/09

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Actress Alicia Silverstone made a major decision about 11 years ago: She decided to go vegan. That meant eliminating meat and dairy from her diet, and instead eating whole grains and what she calls "magic foods" such as miso and sea vegetables. She began to look and feel her best, says the actress who has starred in such movies as "Clueless" and "Batman & Robin."

Now Ms. Silverstone has set out on a mission to share the results from her lifestyle change with her new book, "The Kind Diet" (Rodale Books, $29.99). In this vegan cookbook and its corresponding Web site,, Ms. Silverstone, 33 years old, explains her pursuit to reach "people who just want to feel amazing, want to look amazing, and who want to contribute to making this planet healthier."

alica_book.jpgWith the boosted energy and enthusiasm she attributes to her diet, Ms. Silverstone's life is moving full speed ahead: She's set to star in the upcoming Broadway show "Time Stands Still" with Laura Linney and is launching a line of eco-friendly cosmetics bags and brushes this month. The Wall Street Journal talked with Ms. Silverstone about writing a book, the benefits of a vegan diet and being a superhero.

The Wall Street Journal: How long have you been working on the "The Kind Life"?

Alicia Silverstone: It was in the dream state for, like, eight years. I always kept this file that I called 'Book' and in it was all my favorite recipes and all these ideas. If I had a random thought, I'd throw it in there. I don't think I ever actually thought I'd do it. When I finally committed to it, it was because this information was making my life so much better. Then one person in particular was like, "I'm setting up a meeting for you. You're going to do this [book] now." And I was like "Oh, OK!" Then it took about a year and a half [to complete].



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I love this book! Here's a link to a photo of her Polenta Casserole with Seitan, just one of the delicious recipes I made from The Kind Diet:

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