A vegan horror movie? (VIDEO)


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Ed. Note: Both of the leads are actually vegans -- and this film is made by vegans.  It's called "Living Arrangements" and poses the question: What does a vegan, who wants to respect all life, do when their roommate is a ...?  Well, we don't want to spoil it.

Vegans with a sense of humor: 4 spoons (out of 4 -- just for the trailer).

If there is a sharper satire of Uptown hipsters than "Living Arrangements," tell me quick. Sam Thompson's deadpan horror farce is as delicious as a sip of free-trade organic coffee and as ironic as a vintage T-shirt. Joe Noreen and Alexandra Glad star as Sasha and Billie, whose gender-neutral names symbolize their excruciatingly progressive, conflict-averse, vegan lifestyle.

When the couple pool their recyclables and move in together, connubial bliss is interrupted by mysterious noises from their apartment's attic. Something hairy, howling and hungry lives up there, and it is decidedly carnivorous. Peacefully coexisting with the beast while maintaining their principles becomes a matter of pitch-black (and blood-red) comedy. It's a deft lampoon of gory werewolf movies, indie relationship flicks and those special, sensitive people whose friends are all unique in the exact same ways.



Sasha and Billie just found a new apartment right next to their favorite coffee shops and thrift stores. Life couldn't be better until they discover a blood-thirsty werewolf living in the attic. Coping with the uninvited roommate challenges their vegan lifestyle and may turn these animal savers into animal slayers.

Cast and Credits

Starring: Sara Atkinson, Mark Borchardt, Paul Cram, Gizelle Erickson, Charles Hubbell
Directed by: Sam Thompson
Release Year: 2009



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Let me know what you think! - Jim


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