A Conversation with Jeffrey Masson (VIDEO)


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Sabrina's Aunt Linda has a beautiful vacation home on Catalina Island outside Los Angeles -- and she very generously allows our brood to crash there when the mood strikes (which in our case, is as often as possible).

So recently when our good friends, the Massons, were in town, we took them to Catalina for the weekend.

And when you have someone as bright, friendly and fascinating as Jeff Masson for a weekend, you want to sit him down and shoot the breeze on a variety of topics.

And because we brought a video camera, you can also and hear some of Jeff's thoughts on things like animal rights...on what his work life is like as a bestselling author of 24 books (so far)...on how he got on Oprah...and what the future of veganism is.

Watch this wide-ranging 24 minute chat:


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