6 most efficient cars and trucks

CNN.COM | Peter Valdes-Dapena | 11/11/09

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These vehicles top their classes in fuel economy while offering strong performance, too.

#1 Family car: Toyota Prius

Mileage: 48 Hwy, 51 City
Annual fuel cost:
$21,000 - $27,670

You might not think so, given all the press it gets, but the Prius is really one of the most underrated cars around. That's because the only thing people usually talk about is the amazing fuel economy.

But even if you're not focusing on the gas savings, the Prius is a very good all-around car. Its roomy interior is surprising, considering its compact exterior and the upgraded 2010 version is quite pleasant -- even fun -- to drive.

Besides all that, the 2010 Prius's interior also looks very cool in a Star Trek sort of way.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid, which gets 41 mpg in the city and 36 on the highway, ranks second in this category. It's more enjoyable to drive than the Prius and has a fun user interface to help you drive more efficiently. It's considerably more costly, though, and has four cubic feet less luggage space

Find out what the other 5 top efficient cars are . . .

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