John Robbins: Is It Wrong to Eat Animals? (VIDEO)

John Robbins | 09/11/09

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John Robbins thinks it's wrong to eat animals, on a number of levels.

This is an excerpt from the new documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE.

For more information and to watch other clips, visit




The above is an excerpt from our award-winning documentary, PROCESSED PEOPLE. There is 3.5 hours of fascinating material with this DVD!

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Some men can watch this kind of video and still keep on eating meet. How do they do that?

Deep within his mind, he is a compassionate being. So, he is really sad about the way food animals are reared and killed. But he is trained from childhood onwards to suppress that sadness and keep on eating meat. Further, he is brainwashed as to the nutrition value of meat, which is a myth.

This makes him not only a dual personality but insensitive to cruelty. The inherent human compassion and love for living beings, including fellow humans, thus, disappear.

The final outcome - man himself becomes cruel and brutal, as well evidenced in his conduct in all his endeavors in all parts of the world. That is the dilemma of the present day world society. Thus, the whole thing is a matter of individual psychology, closely related to meat eating.


Well, a Scientologist,I would have to say that it's closely related to other things too,but becoming a Vegan and showing kindness and compassion toward the Creatures We share the Earth with is a pretty good start.


Exactly! To paragraph George Angell: I am constantly asked why with so many atrocities against humans, I spend so much time/energy/money protecting animals. I respond that I am working at the roots.


And I would like to add that Violencs toward Animals often leads to Violence toward People.Children raised to think it's ok. to harm Animals have grown up to be Violent Crimminals.


Excellent video. Brief and simple yet powerful, perhaps because it is so simple. This would be a good one to send to omnivore friends who want to know why be vegetarian.

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