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Congratulations! You have stumbled on one of the most valuable pages on the Internet. The information in the videos here can change your understanding of health and literally save your life.

Each year VegSource puts on its HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EXPO.

The Expo features eye-opening presentations from leading health experts who show how to prevent and reverse heart disease, achieve permanent weight loss, protect yourself against breast, prostate and colon cancer, and make the changes in your life you've always dreamed of.

This page features many excerpts long and short -- and even complete 90-minute talks -- from various experts over the years. You may wish to bookmark this page and return to view these presentations and share with friends.

You will also see information on how you can purchase copies of past Expo talks with life-saving information.


Get Healthy Now 2007 Overview

Watch this extraordinary 15-minute medly from a variety of talks at the 2007 Expo.



"Health Food" vs. Healthy Food

Jeff Novick RD
"Health Food" versus Healthy Food. Yep, there's a big difference, and the information is deliberately hidden on the label -- but here's how to make sense of it.


On Animal Emotions

Jeffrey Masson PhD
The Face On Your Plate: The Case for Veganism



Vegan Cooking Demos

Vegan Cooking Demos
Raw chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares a delicious recipe.


Sorting Out Good & Bad Fats

Joel Fuhrman MD
Very low fat? Not for this MD who talks about the value of high fat foods -- the RIGHT ones.



Meditation: History and Research

Rev. Heng Sure PhD
On practical meditation: a history and how to...



Women's Health

Pam Popper PhD
On optimizing health for women.



Heart Attack Proof

Caldwell Esselstyn MD
No more heart attacks, ever...if that's what you're into.



Are We Carnivores?

Milton Mills MD
Are we designed to eat meat? The definitive answer to this question.


Getting the Inner City Healthy

Bryant Terry
Creating an urban organic kitchen, and on activism in the community.



Healthy Eating Made Easy

Joel Fuhrman MD
Cooking up great health with the good doc -- learn his kitchen secrets.



The Power of Fear - To Rob You

John Robbins
The end of fear -- it starts with all of us.



Diabetes: A Simple Cure

Dr Fuhrman Cures Diabetes
And the drug companies are upset that he's cutting into their insulin sales. Seriously!




Various: Is Olive Oil Good For You?

Expert Panel
Olive Oil: It ain't health food, and other questions and topics.



How Did We Get Into This Health Mess?

Why so many are sick
Milton Mills MD puts it all together -- and you know where this is going, or you wouldn't be on this website!



Depressed? Probably Something You're Eating

Curing Depression
Neal Nedley MD has discovered how to use dietary and other interventions to end depression.



Does Processed Soy Promote Cancer?

John McDougall MD
It's well documented that dairy promotes cancer -- new research suggests isolated soy protein, like in veggie burgers, may as well.



Healthy At 100

John Robbins speaks
About barriers to succeeding as an activist, and his new book, Healthy at 100



Videos on VegSource Saved My Life

I found; it saved my life
Heart attack-proof guru Caldwell Esselstyn MD had an interesting cab ride


Videos on VegSource Saved My Life

Vegan comedian Dan Piraro
Creator of hit cartoon Bizarro riffs on canned hunts, global warming and bird flu.




Raw Food Diet Not For Me

Why Raw Doesn't Work for Many
Joel Fuhrman MD talks about diets that don't work, and nutrient density as the key to healthy eating.




Fish, Vitamins & Weston Price

Q&A with Dr. Campbell
What about fish? What about vitamins and supplements for vegans?




What Does Being "Vegan" Mean?

Meaning for the Vegan Lifestyle

Rev. Heng Sure, PhD, talks about compassion, humanity, friends and family.




Cooking Demos

Cooking Demos
These are the chefs you want in your own kitchen -- or at least their recipes, tips and tricks!




Debating The Minor Details of Plant-based Eating

Expert Panel: Crossing Swords

Tastes great? Or less filling? Two giants in the medical world debate perspectives on optimal nutrition. And as it turns out -- they're both right!



Avoid Dairy at All Costs

mcdougall2.png (260x190)The Perils of Dairy
Dr. McDougall's FULL 77 minute talk. Dairy is great -- for growing cancerous tumors...



Animal Protein Causes Cancer

Thumbnail image for colin.png (260x190)Meat & Dairy Cause Cancer
That's all there is to it.  In this FULL 45 minute talk, Prof. T. Colin Campbell PhD, shows the compelling research to demonstrate the carcinogenic properties of animal protein.





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