Getting fit not just for the Holidays - but for life

John Allen Mollenhauer | 11/06/03

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Editor's Note: VegSource highly recommends the lifestyle program created by John Allen Mollenhauer and associates. It's enlightening and fun, not to mention a tremendous bargain. To learn more be sure to visit

Hi. I'm John Allen Mollenhauer, founder of MyTrainer®. That's me with the phone headset, in my "coaching pose."

I'm a performance-based lifestyle coach.

What this means is, I help motivated people dramatically improve their health and personal performance, while living balanced lives, even in the face of relentless demand.

I dramatically changed my life, and I've learned that it's possible to look, feel, and perform significantly better when you set your lifestyle up for success.

I was a body builder in high school and college. I swallowed all the nutritional advice in the body-building magazines - protein shakes, lots of meat and eggs, the works. I was fit, but at a huge cost to my health.

When I was 19, I bought my first gym. Over the next several years, I became an expert in the science of body-building, and an assistant to a professional athletics coach.

During that time, I also worked as a health researcher and developed strong mentoring relationships with several of the world's top health experts. Based on what they taught me, I started eating a predominantly plant-based diet, and found that they were right - I didn't need animal protein to build strong and well-defined muscles.

After getting a strong education in the foundational principles of human physiology, training and conditioning, I moved into the world of personal development. I spent two years studying and working with this generation's most renowned performance coach, Anthony Robbins.

The next step of my journey was to join the international coaching community, where I've learned from high achievers on a consistent basis for over a decade.

Then I became part of the infamous internet explosion. I built two successful tech-based businesses from the ground up. And I discovered how - without a lifestyle plan - even a certified fitness expert can become overwhelmed, exhausted and overweight in the unpaced pursuit of achievement.

At the same time as I was making lots of money, I lost both my health and my happiness - and compromised the very success I'd needlessly sacrificed both to achieve.

John Mollenhauer, May 2000Here I am in May, 2000, rock bottom. You can't help but notice my love handles. But look at my eyes. I'm overwhelmed, exhausted, and depressed.

What irony! I had accumulated a decade's worth of knowledge about how to be healthy, and because I didn't have a lifestyle plan for incorporating that knowledge into my life sustainably, I was the picture of poor health and sub-par performance.

The day that photo was taken, I decided to recuperate my own health and coach myself back to a position of strength. I knew as I stared at the camera that this was my "that was then" photo.

I started "The MyTrainer Project" with myself as the only client while working full-time in the high-tech industry.

I combined my knowledge of health and fitness with my experience in coaching and personal development. I crafted and implemented powerful lifestyle strategies to significantly improve my appearance, energy and performance every 90 days, in the face of relentless demand.

John Mollenhauer, May 2001Here I am in May of 2001. Big improvement, huh? But wait, there's more!

It was amazing to me how many people were curious as to how I had achieved my results. Their interest was very inspiring, especially after feeling like I was burned out for so long.

I started informally sharing my approach with colleagues, friends, and family, and pretty soon I was becoming known as a guy who could help people lose weight, look and feel significantly better, and stay sustainable.

Clearly, I wasn't a special case. Millions of others struggle in the same way I did. I've now coached hundreds of others to health and higher performance, using the same lifestyle strategies which permanently changed my own life.

But still, at private coaching rates, there were only so many people I could reach consistently and affordably. So in 2004, I built for Members, a thriving environment for inspiration, education and support, live via the Internet, email and the telephone. for Members makes high quality lifestyle coaching available to anyone, anywhere, in an affordable way, ongoing.

MyTrainer members avoid dieting, increase their energy and achieve their ideal weight, for starters, with a focus on improving their health and personal performance. That's my story and I want you to know that my results aren't unique.

  • I'm not some genetically gifted individual with super abs and buns of steel who's going to tell you how to get them too.
  • I'm not a professional "healthy person." I'm don't work out for a living. I'm an entrepreneur and I still face incredible demands on my time and energy every single day.
  • I'm not an inflexible "health nut." I eat at restaurants, I go to parties, and I live a life based on my desires, not someone else's "rules" or "program." I eat whatever I want, whenever I want! I work out when I feel like, as hard as I feel like!


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