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Posted November 8, 2009

Published in Health

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Heavier Americans Push Back on Health Debate

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Fat people have an increased risk of chronic disease, and their medical costs end up being substantially higher than their leaner counterparts.

So the government is weighing proposals that would make it easier for employers to use financial rewards or penalties to promote healthy behavior, like weight loss.

But are the obese becoming popular punching bags in the debate? When we live in a society where from the youngest age you're being fed a steady media diet of French fries, Coke, cheeseburgers and ice cream, how responsible are you for your food choices?

The New York Times has an interesting article on the subject.  Click Here to Read.


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Hello to all those who support wellness care for all. We are so far from the debate. It is pathetic to see how many people consume the standard American diet of fast food and soda, etc. That will only lead to disease, obesity and a sick planet. For all those who continue to eat and pollute through their eating, I suggest education. That is really our (vegetarians and vegans) only hope. But I for one, do not want to support a sick care system that rakes in billions to provide quick fixes for people who refuse to modify their diets and exercise regime. I have sick care through my job, but I never use it - I prefer natural remedies - diet, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc. I have to pay for all of this out of pocket while still supporting the sick care system. The healing modes I choose are not an option. I resent having to pay for corporate sick care through my job. I resent having to pay for other people's poor food choices which cause high cost medical care.
Further, the water waste flow is clogged with the fat from meat-eaters excrement. Our water supply is also polluted by meat eaters - there are all sorts of pharmaceuticals in our water which are fed to animals and then enter our food system. Meat eating should be outlawed for the sake of our planet.



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