Michael Greger MD

Michael Greger MD

Posted August 22, 2013

Published in Health

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I'm so excited to share that my newest live presentation, More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Diseases, has reached over a million views on YouTube, breaking my previous record of 800,000 for last year's Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.

If you have not yet shared my new video with everyone you know (and even a few people you don't! :) please do. If they find it useful, tell them they can subscribe to for free and receive emails daily, weekly, or monthly highlighting all the new content. New content like yesterday's video-of-the-day, Survival of the Firmest: Erectile Dysfunction and Death, one of the topics I cover in the live video.

If you have already shared it--thanks a million!

If you'd like to hand out copies of the new talk on DVD, I continue to offer a five for $40 special (all proceeds go to the nonprofit organization that keeps afloat).

Normally, going "viral" is not something a doctor wants to see, but in this case I'll take it!

In other NF news, I've just completed my annual review of the medical and scientific nutrition literature. Throughout the year, I collect all the most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking new studies. I accomplish this through PubMed alerts, browsing through every issue of every English-language nutrition journal, and living near the largest medical library in the world.

Then I get to scale up this mountain of science in search for hidden treasure. Normally this may mean sifting through a few thousand papers. To my shock, however, as I eagerly pulled up this year's batch, I discovered that I had chosen and downloaded over 8,000 new articles. There's no way I can get through all those on my own.

We do have a wonderful team of volunteers tirelessly donating hours whenever they can, but I knew such a monumental task would require someone's full-time attention. So I'm happy to report we've hired our first full-time employee (all of my time is donated). To help me handle this next batch of research I've brought on Jeff Thomas (welcome Jeff!) on a three-month contract, hoping that end-of-year donations will get us back in the black. Though given this new overhead, mid-year donations would be much appreciated too!

Please consider making a special contribution to our 501c3 nonprofit charity with a credit card, through a direct Paypal link, or by sending a check to: "," c/o Michael Greger, 700 Professional Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20879. continues to struggle financially to be self-sustaining, a consequence of our principled refusal to run ads or sell products on the site. will always remain free for all, for all time, even if the day should come when I can no longer afford to add new content.

For a more festive way to donate, ECHOage parties help kids support in a fun, meaningful way. Know a child with a birthday coming up? Check out our ECHOage page.

If you're interested in any future positions that open up at (and if the thought of working for me doesn't terrify you :), please email your resume now to so I have it on file.

-Michael Greger, M.D.


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