John Davis

John Davis

Posted February 1, 2011

Published in Green, International

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The photos below were taken whilst visiting veg*n events and friends around the world over the last few years, I thought I'd put them in as some liked the recent Skyscapes. I was born near the sea and grew up with boats and seagulls, but these days we're a long way inland so I have to travel for the nostalgia.

They show the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Sea, and a harbour. They were taken in Australia, Brazil, California, India, Indonesia and Spain. It doesn’t really matter which is which as the scenes are just a celebration of our planet and some could be in any of them. But if anyone really wants to know post a note in the comments (#9 is easy!)

1 (right)






2 (below)

3 (below)

4 (below)

5 (below)

6 (below)

7 (below)

8 (below)

9 (below)

PS if anyone wants to link up on Facebook you can find my alter ego as Ivu Man…


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Yes, I would like to know where these pictures were taken. They are very beautiful and serene.


glad you liked them maryu, here goes:

1 - Arabian Sea, Juhu beach, north Mumbai, India

2 - Arabian sea, Gujarat, India

3 - Alantic Ocean, southern Brazil, near Florianopolis

4 - as above

5 - Arabian sea, Goa India

6 - Meditrranean, rock of Gibraltar, foreground Spain, background Atlas Mountains, Morocco

7 - Pacific Ocean, Venice beach, Los Angeles

8 - Indian Ocean, Bali, Indonesia

9 - Sydney Harbour, Australia

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