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John Davis was a pioneer of vegetarianism on the internet from the first days of the world wide web in 1994. He maintained the first websites for VSUK, VIVA and EVU as well being involved with many others in the mid-90s, and he built the first IVU website in November 1995. In 2006, after many years of working for IVU, he was designated as IVU Manager. The last few years have seen some major reorganisations to enable IVU to maintain its leading role in world vegetarianism into the 21st century, including improvements in financial and business links. He is particularly proud to have had the opportunity to support the first vegetarian congresses ever to be held in Africa, thanks to funds raised by IVU. Throughout this time he has also been researching the history of IVU, partly for presentations at the centenary congress in 2008, along with general vegetarian history, all supported by members of the ivu-history email group. The results of this now run to about 10,000 historical files on the IVU website. In September 2010 he was coopted as a Trustee (member of the board of directors) of the Vegetarian Society UK, with a particular brief on history, international affairs and the internet. Over the years with IVU John has attended congresses and other events in many countries, including Australia, Brazil, California, China, Dubai (UAE), Germany, India, Italy, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand. He lives in rural England.

Blog Entries by John Davis

Bronson Alcott - American pioneer vegan

John Davis | March 22, 11 at 12:23 PM | International

[slightly updated November 2011] Amos Bronson Alcott was an abolitionist vegan in a way that few today are emulating – in the 1830s he was taking a stand against human slavery in the USA. In some parts of the world...

Gandhi - and the launching of veganism

John Davis | March 16, 11 at 12:48 AM | International

Gandhi is not the first name that vegans might think of as helping to launch the movement, and yet he did, on November 20, 1931, in London to be precise.  He didn’t call it ‘vegan’ of course, but it wasn’t...

Divided by a common language

John Davis | March 9, 11 at 12:31 AM | International

 “Do you have anything vegetarian?” “Yes, do you eat fish?” “No, vegetarians don’t eat fish.” “Some vegetarians here eat fish.” “No, some people eat fish and unfortunately call themselves vegetarian, but they could call themselves Martians if they like, it...

Vegans are Vegetarians too

John Davis | March 2, 11 at 01:27 AM | International

The man who invented the word ‘vegan’ in 1944 was very clear that this was a part of the vegetarian movement, and Donald Watson remained clear about that up to his death in 2005, at the grand age of 95....

Veg Tours r us

John Davis | February 16, 11 at 12:22 AM | International

Hazel and I are just back from a few days circular tour of southern England and Wales, initially to catch up with some friends and family, but inevitably I also took the opportunity catch up with the veg scene and...

Flexitarian and Plantatarian - 21st century dimensions

John Davis | February 9, 11 at 12:34 AM | International

My definition of an ovo- and/or lacto-vegetarian would be someone who deliberately and consistently chooses a diet of plant food plus eggs and/or dairy products, and sees that as their ideal diet. Not someone who occasionally goes in and out...


John Davis | February 1, 11 at 11:59 PM | Green, International

The photos below were taken whilst visiting veg*n events and friends around the world over the last few years, I thought I'd put them in as some liked the recent Skyscapes. I was born near the sea and grew up...

Living on the Front Line

John Davis | January 19, 11 at 04:39 AM | Animals, International

Last Friday Hazel and I were in a group of 15 sitting down to a vegan meal together. Nothing unusual in that you might think, but in this little corner of the world it was probably unique. This is livestock...

Food as Art in China

John Davis | January 12, 11 at 12:26 AM | Food, International

The photos below are from my visit to Xiamen, China in November 2009. This was for a Vegetarian Food Fair which ran for several days, and included an International Vegetarian Forum on one afternoon. For anyone interested in such matters...

Shelley - the first celebrity vegan

John Davis | January 5, 11 at 12:52 AM | Celebrities, International

Percy Bysshe Shelley, known as Bysshe to his friends, was the rock star of his day - glamorous, controversial, fought over by teenage girls, loathed by their parents, and died dramatically before he was thirty. At times he was also...

A Year in the Sky

John Davis | December 29, 10 at 12:50 AM | Green, International

Skyscapes are like landscapes, but looking up of course. The photos below are all from my office window in the west of England, and all but one of them during 2010, so this is my review of the year. The...

To Nairobi and Dubai

John Davis | December 10, 10 at 09:22 AM | International

Monday Nov. 29 - left England in the ice and snow, the first November snow for 17 years Tuesday Nov. 30 - arrived Dubai about 1.00am, met by Sandhya Prakash, IVU Middle East Co-ordinator, and taken to her home to get some...

Out of Africa - and the Middle East

John Davis | November 28, 10 at 03:05 PM | International

The International Vegetarian Union celebrated its centenary in 2008, and if anyone had said to me then that in a couple years I would be speaking at international veg congresses in East Africa and the Middle East, I would probably...

Bali Beautiful

John Davis | October 12, 10 at 01:22 PM | International

The Jakarta IVU Congress last week was a huge success, one of the best ever, then some of us went on to the beautiful island of Bali. Thursday Oct 7 - flew from Jakarta to Bali on Air Asia, then...

Jakarta Jamboree

John Davis | October 5, 10 at 06:43 AM | International

The main part of the 39th IVU World Veg Congress in Jakarta, Indonesia, has now ended. So this is just a personal view of the last five days. I've had the privilege of staying at the home of Susianto, IVU...

If it's Thursday it must be Australia...

John Davis | September 28, 10 at 01:27 AM | International

[Updated October 2012] … or Indonesia, Malaysia or India… by the time this blog originally appeared I was on my five-week trek around all these countries, giving talks to many veg groups along the way, and then on to Africa...

The Vegetarian Society and me

John Davis | September 15, 10 at 12:06 AM | International

In 2010 I joined the Board of Directors of the Vegetarian Society UK – the world’s oldest, founded in 1847, and still going strong today. Sadly I don’t get paid anything other than expenses - no doubt if I was...

Learning from the developing world

John Davis | August 25, 10 at 12:44 AM | International

The International Vegetarian Union is 102 years old, but it has achieved more in the last 6 years than the previous 96. This has been done by people in the developing world - where most of the world's population lives....

Are you a positive or a negative veg*n?

John Davis | July 21, 10 at 01:05 AM | International

If we ask meat-eaters what they think 'vegetarian' means, most would probably say 'someone who does not eat meat' - but that is not at all how I see it. I'm a positive veg*n, I eat plant foods. I define...

Vegetarian equals vegan!

John Davis | July 7, 10 at 12:03 AM | International

The first people who called themselves 'vegetarian' were in fact vegan. This has now been established conclusively with resources not previously available. We have now shown that until 1847 *all* uses the word 'vegetarian' came from people associated with Alcott...