Vegan Deli

Vegan Deli  by Jo Stepaniak

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Raising Vegetarian Children
by Jo Stepaniak, M.S.Ed., & Vesanto Melina M.S., R.D.

Raising Vegetarian Children

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"Hello Jo,

First of all, may I thank you! The Vegan Sourcebook has helped me with some troubles that I felt were becoming severely problematic to my being able to socialise with others.

Vegan books are a rarity in our town -- my recipe books are mostly things like "The Bristol Cancer Association Cookbook" or bits of printout from the Internet.

I am a data analyst who runs a community library in a small sea-side town at the southern end of South Africa. I am the only vegan I know personally, although I know many vegetarians. In South Africa, among all the main culture groups, among all races, and for most of the population, veganism equals weirdness. In fact some of my colleagues have described me to others (including funders of my project) as being "radical." I was beginning to despair of fitting in anywhere at all. I feel that others see me as more "vogon" than vegan!

Today I finished your book, which I ordered in a fit of self-generosity. Was it worth it? You betcha! I feel so much more confident. I no longer feel like a lone "activist" (something that doesn't suit my personality -- I'm against the "missionary" stance), and don't think of myself as being out on a limb.

Nothing would sway me from my choices once made on solid information, and being a vegan has been the single most important and cherished of these; but this book has allowed me to see the bigger picture and to entertain some hope.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,"

Angela T.

"Your book, The Vegan Sourcebook, is like a "bible" of sorts to me. Of all the books I own on the topic of a Vegan lifestyle, this is the book that I refer to most often when someone asks me ethical questions on Veganism. It is the ultimate vegan infopedia! Thank you for your wisdom in writing it. "

Veronica O., North Lauderdale, FL

"I am reading your book, The Vegan Sourcebook. It is captivating and very disturbing. I have been buying free range eggs for my son, who is 5 years old, but now I am very sorry to hear of the horrible state of life for these "free range hens". (I started trying to became a vegan after he was born.) They are not free at all. I just wanted to thank you for writing the book and all the good work that you do. You are educating the people who call themselves vegetarian but still eat eggs and dairy, which cause immense suffering and death. I am now suffering from the fact that I gave my son meat at a young age, and he became used to it. Now he eats fish and eggs and drinks milk. I regret that I did not "see the light" before I had him. I know he is still moldable because he is so young, and I am trying.

It is hard to be kind and loving to non-vegetarians, because I think the mindset of people who think animals have no rights and feelings is very difficult to change, even when I try to tell them, in a polite way, about the horrors on factory farms.

Again, thanks for your efforts! You are an inspiration. "


"I want to let you know that I think The Vegan Sourcebook is wonderful! It covers every aspect of veganism in a concise and simple manner. I think I'll start loaning it to acquaintances who ask me why I'm vegan. Thanks for putting together such a complete reference manual! "

Jen B., USA

"I just finished reading The Vegan Sourcebook over the course of a three-day period. I couldn't put it down! It touched on virtually all areas of veganism and some that I didn't know about. It was very informative and renewed my inner desire to strive for a more vegan lifestyle. I want to thank you for all the resource listings. It made everything you said even more credible. I thank you for your life commitment and sharing with so many a hope for the future."

Caroline W., Korea

"I have recently started to change my views on eating. Over the past several months I stopped eating beef and chicken and then gradually fish as well. It wasn't long before I realized that I was a vegetarian. I started talking with some friends and they recommended your book The Vegan Sourcebook to me.

It has literally changed my life. What started out as a health based diet change has become something more meaningful and personal. After eating and living a certain way for over 30 years, learning how to live a vegan lifestyle will take some time. I have made that first step, though, and that was due in part to you. Thank you!"

"There is no question that I haven't found the answer to on either your website or your latest work The Vegan Sourcebook when making the transition from vegetarian to vegan and pondering over the ignorance about and constant injustices of our earth. A truly enlightening experience! Thank you!"

"I went to the book store looking for anything on being a vegan. When I saw The Vegan Sourcebook I knew it was exactly what I was seeking. This book brought tears to my eyes and strength to my soul. I know I could never go back to the way things were before, and I have no desire to. Every day I feel I am exercising being a vegan in every aspect of my life. My husband has also made huge strides and has informed me that he now owns his last pair of leather shoes. He is looking forward to reading your book next. All I can say is Thank You, and I pray that more people find their way to a vegan lifestyle. "

"The Vegan Sourcebook is insightful -- a must for any person wanting clear and concise answers to almost any question about veganism and compassionate living."

"I've been vegetarian for about 8 years and decided to go vegan about a year and a half ago. Your cookbooks were SO helpful to me in this regard! I was introduced to your books through Farm Sanctuary. I especially like Vegan Vittles. Now I am diligently working on eliminating all other animal products from my life -- pretty successfully, since I live in an area where most people at least know what "vegan" means. Consequently, vegan personal care products, shoes, etc. are reasonably accessible. But I do get discouraged at times. Then I discovered The Vegan Sourcebook. A lifesaver! Support on tap, just when friends and family all think I've gone nuts. I wanted to say thank you for all your good work . . . you really are making a difference in lives like mine. Over time I think I am having a bit of an impact on the eating and buying habits of my friends. Compassion grows!"

"I read the The Vegan Sourcebook from cover to cover. Jo's writing and commitment are exceptional."

"I loved The Vegan Sourcebook! After reading it, I realized that I HAD to go vegan -- I couldn't ever enjoy dairy products or eggs again, knowing the suffering that took place to produce them."

"Thank you soooo much for the Sourcebook. It has changed my life. While I am still learning all the benefits and joys of a vegan lifestyle, some are instantly apparent -- such as the peaceful feeling I have before, during, and after meals. You are an inspiration."

"My husband and I have been vegetarian for the past three years. About six months ago we realized that we had to take it further and begin living a vegan lifestyle. I purchased The Vegan Sourcebook just by chance and found that it was an incredibly valuable resource. We thank you for your knowledge and guidance -- it has helped us to make a smooth transition. I know for myself that I feel better than ever in all aspects of life. Thank you."

"After being a lacto-ovo vegetarian for three years, I recently decided to go vegan. I have been reading The Vegan Sourcebook, and I just wanted to say thank you very much because I have found it wonderfully inspiring, and it has made me very happy and fulfilled with my decision. So far it has been tough because I have little support from my friends and family, but your book has given me the inner strength I've needed to remind me why I decided to make the switch in the first place."

"I've been reading The Vegan Sourcebook for the past week and can't put it down. I've read other good books on being vegan and they all had their fair share of interesting information and/or shocking material. But, to date, only The Vegan Sourcebook has been able to take so much knowledge and compassion for life, combine it with a wonderfully witty writing style and produce a book that should be found in every household and classroom on this planet. I'd suggest to not only read this book yourself, but also to give a copy to your friends as well. They'll love you for it. This book ROCKS! "

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