Vegan Deli

Vegan Deli  by Jo Stepaniak

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Raising Vegetarian Children
by Jo Stepaniak, M.S.Ed., & Vesanto Melina M.S., R.D.

Raising Vegetarian Children

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for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony


"Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony offers sound, rational, step-by-step guidance for all who seek serenity within and peace throughout the world. With exquisite simplicity, Stepaniak reveals the commonsense path to accessing our moral center and applying our inner wisdom to find harmony and spiritual freedom. This is a powerful, must-read handbook and an engaging invitation to live an examined, informed, and meaningful life."

John Robbins
author of Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution

"In a world in which compassion is so often exiled, Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony offers a systematic, practical way to break through the isolation that keeps us from the path of true healing. A synthesis of the best of Eastern and Western philosophies, it explores the fundamental question, "How can I make a difference?" This book provides us with the "compass" in the word compassion. With a life-affirming richness and honest integrity, it offers us a prescription for life, for balancing the personal with the political, and for nurturing our highest empathic selves. Compassionate Living is the kind of book you wish you would have read years ago, the kind you wish someone would have passed on to you when you were growing up."

Michael Greger, M.D.

"Jo Stepaniak has given us a lucid, clear guide that will warm your heart and enrich your life. This book not only teaches us how to identify and explore compassionate living, but most importantly shows us how to put compassion where it most belongs -- as an active expression between human beings. "

Arthur P.Ciaramicoli, Ed.D., Ph.D.
Author of The Power of Empathy: A Practical Guide to Creating Intimacy, Self Understanding and Lasting Love

"Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony offers an amazing feast of wisdom to facilitate every step of life, providing exercises in compassion, the most dynamic human quality that enlightens the mind and heals the body. "

Tulku Thondup
author of The Healing Power of Mind and Boundless Healing

"Jo Stepaniak as a writer is clear and cogent. Her methods of communication are unfettered, direct, and to the point. Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony lays out in an easy to follow progression a responsible method of living for the uninitiated, which will be necessary if we are going to survive the 21st century without repeating our centuries old patterns of destructive living. "

Claude AnShin Thomas
Zen Buddhist monk, founder of the Zaltho Foundation

"This book brings about an understanding and an awakening of compassion and must be read by all those who are concerned about our rapidly deteriorating values."

Arun Gandhi
Founder and Director, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

"This valuable guidebook affirms our inherently compassionate nature. Take the principles illuminated here to heart and awaken the deeper wisdom and compassion so essential for restoring wholeness and harmony in our modern lives. "

Joel Levey, Ph.D., and Michelle Levey
authors of Living in Balance: A Dynamic Approach for Creating Harmony & Wholeness in a Chaotic World, and Simple Meditation & Relaxation

"There are many good books on kindness and compassion, but Jo Stepaniak's Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony goes well beyond most of these, for it places the human being within the context of all life and provides a detailed guide to aligning ourselves with the well-being of ALL life.

If you are already enlightened and practice universal compassion, and never exclude any living being from loving-kindness, and maintain perfect and consistent integrity in all that you do, you may not need this book. Otherwise, for your sake and that of everyone you relate with, buy this book, read it three times, and give it to everyone you know.

Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony is a book for all who wish to contribute to making the world a kinder, more peaceful place where all beings may flourish in harmony. It is a book for all who wish to heal their own wounds and the wounds of the Earth. The answers to solving the world's problems -- violence, hatred, greed, and ecological degradation -- are simple but not quick and easy. Starting with ourselves, Stepaniak leads us through the steps that extend our circle of compassion and create wholeness in ourselves and our world. And she does so gently, skillfully, and truthfully.

All environmental and social activists, spiritual practitioners, cultural creatives, and anyone at all concerned about the future -- whether seasoned or just beginning the work of social change -- will benefit greatly from reading and practicing the recommendations in this small book. Compassionate Living is a thorough, wide, and deep prescription for the ills of our world.

As Stepaniak says, "Engaged compassion or a compassionate way of life is available to everyone equally. . . . It merely requires a hunger for truth and tranquility and a willingness to open your heart and mind." We all possess the tools and wisdom to follow this path. If we follow the prescriptions in this book, we will reap all that its title promises."

Suzanne Duarte
Senior Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies, Naropa University

"Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony is a desperately needed antidote to the myriad ills of a society that values power, wealth, and winning above all else. In clear and graceful language, author Jo Stepaniak shows us that real success comes when we direct our energies toward caring and nurture instead of acquisition and competition; and she lays out a roadmap for following that path, beginning with kindness to ourselves and progressing to include all living beings. Free of cliches and platitudes, this is that rarest of finds, a book about compassion that is both profound and practical, inspirational and realistic. "

Norm Phelps
Spiritual Outreach Director, The Fund for Animals

"This is one of those rare books that can serve as a trusted and valuable it at any page and you will find insight, wisdom, comfort, guidance, and inspiration for compassionate living. If compassion is the message, compassion is also the medium. I have never seen a more convincing, compelling and accessible demonstration of the benevolent power of gentleness; it is a book that is a gift to treasure. "

Stanley M. Sapon. Ph.D.
Director, the Maimonides Project

"Stepaniak offers a special gift to the reader with her wise counsel that in order for compassion to count, we need to activate it. She shows us how we can do this by not only turning inward but also by taking actions on behalf of other sentient beings --- and when we do both we can change ourselves and the world. Keep Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony close at hand as a trusted guide for developing a mature and responsible spiritual practice in daily living. "

Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D.
author of Animal Grace

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